Understanding Whiplash

Seven bones make up the structure of your neck, which are piled on top of one another with a shock-absorbing disc in between each level.

Your muscles and ligaments provide stability for your rather flexible neck. Similar to how a rope frays when it is stretched past its breaking point, "whiplash" refers to a condition in which these tissues are overstretched.

Auto Accidents & Whiplash

By far, automobile accidents are the main cause of whiplash.

When there is a car accident, up to 83% of people have whiplash. Your injury's severity can be evaluated and measured in light of a number of variables. Typically, patients who are hit from behind in a rear-end crash will have the most severe injuries.

A larger or heavier car striking you can also significantly raise your risk. It's not necessary for your car to have obvious damage before you get hurt. In truth, the extent of the injuries you get has very little to do with the damage to your car. The majority of contemporary automobiles have shock-absorbing bumpers, which do their best to reduce harm to the car but offer little protection to the occupants in low-speed collisions. Significant symptoms frequently result from rear-end collisions at speeds under 5 mph.

Recovering From Whiplash

Depending on the extent of your injury's damage, you might need to exercise caution when engaging in strenuous or taxing activities for a while. Pain is a common response to injury, and severely restricting your regular activities may cause your recovery to be delayed.

As soon as your body permits, attempt to "act as normally" and get back to your regular daily activities.

You should also try to avoid wearing heavy headgear, like a hardhat or helmet, if possible. Cervical collars rarely help and should be avoided unless otherwise directed by a medical professional.

You can try to apply ice for 10-15 minutes each hour for the first couple of days. Heat may be helpful thereafter.

Ask your doctor for specific ice/heat recommendations. Some patients report some success in pain relief from sports creams.

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