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Chiropractic is a non-invasive healthcare practise that focuses on spinal manipulation, sometimes known as a "chiropractic adjustment".

The manipulation or adjustment of spinal joints, which is commonly done with a chiropractor's hands, allows for increased motion inside the joint. An Activator can also be used by the doctors for a gentler approach. Those who receive spinal manipulation may experience pain reduction, greater motion, and other benefits. Our bodies and joints are subjected to a variety of postures, loads, and stresses throughout the day. These loads and tensions put our joints under stress, which can make them dysfunctional and lead them to become "fixed" or stop moving as they should. Chiropractors provide spinal manipulation or adjustments to joints in the spine that aren't moving well.
There are a multitude of chiropractic procedures available, and we at Twin Tiers Chiropractic & Wellness keep up with the latest chiropractic approaches through our education. We also understand that no two patients will respond to each therapy in the same way. In order to help you feel better, we've been trained in a range of treatments.

Spine Manipulation in Hornell NY

Spine Manipulation is done when a thrust is given to the area of a restricted (fixed) spinal joint. This aims to free up a motion is the joint and allow you to move freely and without pain or less pain.

Joint manipulation can also be performed on extremities such as the wrists, shoulders, ankles, and more! The goal with extremity joint manipulation is very similar to that of manipulation of the spine. We want to increase motion in joints that lack proper motion.

The doctors may ask you to lie on your back, side, stomach, or be seated. The doctors want to ensure your comfort and safety and will talk you through the process.

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